California Passes Statewide Rent Control Law

The Facts on California's New Statewide Rent Control | Assembly Bill 1482

  • The law would be in effect from January 1, 2020, until 2030
  • It will apply to cities that don’t already have rent control laws and expand rent control in those that do
  • Landlords are prohibited from hiking rents more than 5 percent, plus inflation, in one year
  • It also includes a provision requiring landlords to have “just cause” when evicting a tenant.
  • Examples of Just Cause include failing to pay rent and violating terms of a lease agreement.
  • The law applies only to multi-units apartments constructed in 1978-2004
  • The law does not apply to SFR and Duplex where the owner lives in one of the units
  • Apartment building constructed in 2005 and later are not subjected to this law

Ways To Protect Your Investment from The New Rent Control Bill

  • Invest in Multi-units which was built in 2005 and later
  • Invest in Single Units such as SFRs, Condos, or Lofts
  • If you own a Duplex which was built in 2004 or earlier, occupy one of the 2 units as your primary or secondary home
  • If you own a multi-units which was built in 2004 or earlier, consider upgrading your properties


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