This Easter Help Us Give Back & Save Lives

We hope Easter brings you peace, love, and happiness. We would like to reach out for your help on the fundraising for the homeless in our community.  Did you know the homeless counts reached 58,000 in LA county? That's 11% increase in just one year. And it's expected to be higher for 2018.  Help us to ensure that no man, woman, or child in our community goes hungry. 

Click Here to Donate-Donation will go directly to the Midnight Mission in DTLA. 


Thousands of homeless people include men, women, and kids sleep on the street of Skidrow in Downtown LA every night. Base on our chat with the Volunteer Manager of the Midnight Mission, a major homelessness services provider in Downtown LA since 1914, the few shelters nearby can accommodate only 25% of the homeless. So 75% of the homeless people sleep on the street. And the homeless rate in LA continues to increase due to housing affordability.

More and more homeless people are transferring from other areas to Downtown LA since the housing and resources to help the homeless are not available in other areas due to the political movement called NIMBY (Not in My Backyard). So more homeless people move to DTLA to be near the care/resource providers.  While Homelessness has been an ongoing problem for years, it will only get worse if we continue to turn our back. It will take a community effort to make a difference.

Join us as the Downtown Los Angeles Real Estate Community comes together to make a difference!  Our team is committed to volunteering in serving meals at the Mid-night mission on a regular basis. We set up a fundraising site to help fund basic care and preventive care for the homeless in DTLA.  We are hopeful this will help reduce homelessness in the long run. We would appreciate your contribution of any amount. Homelessness is a widespread problem in our community. Help us save lives and better our community. 

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An interesting article from LA Times on strategies for reducing homelessness.  


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